Permit Wizard is the industry leader in proactive, outstanding customer service for oversize/overweight permitting.
Our customer service reaches even greater heights to ensure your superloads are successful, with comprehensive route confirmation.
Permit Wizard is proud to offer fuel and temporary permitting service through a trusted industry partner.

Permit Wizard makes permitting easy!

Wide load trucking permit solutions for industry professionals.

Proactive Customer Service

With Permit Wizard, you never have to worry about the status of your permit. Our specialists shepherd it every step of the way for the most timely delivery.

Overweight trucking permit solutions provided to trucking industry professionals.

Unsurpassed Experience

Our permitting specialists have been professionals in this industry for 7 to 10 years. Permit Wizard’s exceptionally low turnover offers consistency to our customers.

Permit Wizard offers oversize and overweight trucking permit solutions

One Application = Simplicity

One application covers all states, plus Permit Wizard securely stores your equipment information so it doesn't have to be re-entered each time, saving you time.

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Permit Wizard stands for proactive customer service
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