Less Money + Better Results = More Value with Permit Wizard!

The oversize/overweight permitting industry has come a long way since Permit Wizard began in 2003, and we’re proud to say we lead the industry in customer service reputation and value. Here’s how we do that:

  • EXPERIENCED Every Permit Wizard customer service specialist is highly experienced — all have several years working with oversize/overweight permits — and ready to personally assist with each application.
  • PROACTIVE From the moment you enter a request, we monitor its progress and immediately begin working if any issues to the permit should arise. You are kept updated by us, rather than you having to chase down a permit that’s not come through when expected.
  • FAST Because we’re proactive, permits ordered through Permit Wizard are issued as fast as states allow, usually within a 2-hour window, and are electronically transmitted.
  • EASY Once you upload your equipment into our system it’s automatically added to your secure record with us, making it easy to select the next time without re-entering.
  • INTEGRATED One easy application covers all desired states – no more applying to each individual state.
  • CUSTOM Choose your preferred route. If construction or other reasons make that route not feasible, we revise your request automatically to the best alternative route.
  • FLEXIBLE Secure credit card payments or easy semi-monthly billing are the available payment options.
  • DETAILED Our invoices are highly detailed yet clean and well-organized, with each order having a unique ID for easy breakout of all fees. This allows for speedy reconciliation with your accounts.
  • CONNECTED In a bind or have a special need? Permit Wizard is owned by LexisNexis VitalChek Network Inc., and works with many different government agencies in a number of capacities. We are able to leverage that experience, and those connections, to aid you in solving particularly thorny problems when necessary. No guarantee – but give us a call and ask! We are here to help, and we’ll give our all to help you.

Five-Star Customer Service Meets Five-Star Value.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service, and our customers tell us regularly that they value and appreciate that “five-star” service. How much does this level of service cost? Not as much as you’d think, and a lot less than hiring someone in-house, especially if your volume is less than 300 permits per month.

In fact, our records reveal the average annual Permit Wizard fees for a company needing around 200 permits each month is about half the cost of what the salary, benefits, and carrying cost of an experienced permit professional would be.