Superloads Require the Big Service and Experience Found at Permit Wizard

When you have a superload to transport, you need a team of professionals on your side to assist with the complex planning. Permit Wizard’s highly experienced team will route your trip highway by highway, state by state, to ensure that every bridge crossing and underpass can accept the size and weight of your superload.

Let Permit Wizard Ensure the Accuracy of Your Superload Trucking Route

Permit Wizard maintains comprehensive route databases and fosters relationships with state and local government offices to ensure accurate and timely service. Our team runs through the entire route, and proposes alternates wherever the infrastructure may be inadequate to handle your superload.

Permit Wizard Determines State(s) Transport Requirements for an Oversize Permit vs. Superload Permit

Superload hauling regulations vary by state and with Permit Wizard you’ll never be left unsure of your route or next steps. Our combined industry experience and nation-wide government connections allow us to quickly determine the necessary permits for your load type so you avoid costly delays. Our system automatically determines whether your request is a basic oversize permitted load or if it meets state-specific superload requirements.

Never Worry About Surprise Transport Requirements

Your Permit Wizard customer service representative will inform you if your superload trucking[kw1]  route requires additional key pieces of information.
You’ll be informed right away if your request will require any of the following:

  • Engineering or route surveys
  • Police or pilot escorts
  • Bridge or infrastructure analysis
  • Utility department support
  • Sketches